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Happy Bird Place

Happy Bird Place
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Sunday, May 29, 2011

Grasskeet babies

The rosie bourkes are still having infertile eggs - perhaps the pair is too young?  The very first turquoisine baby to hatch is a red bellied yellow male.  New scarlet babies are also here.
baby turquoisine with mom above

4 new scarlet chested babies - 1 hiding behind the others

Thursday, May 5, 2011

First turquoisine baby!

Apollo and his new mate (an older red bellied hen, not the younger bird from an earlier post), whom I'm calling Sunnie has finally produced a baby - it'll be the very first turquoisine baby to be born to my aviary.  Very excited.  I thought Sunnie would never accept Apollo.  She lost her mate, and her owner could not find a male for her so put her up for sale.  She's about the same age as Apollo - going on 3 years old, so she was a lucky find since I haven't been able to find an age appropriate mate for Apollo since Sunny died.  Apollo was smitten immediately, but Sunnie did not like him at all.  I thought she wanted to breed when she stayed in the nestbox all the time, but I think that was just to hide from Apollo, lol.  Finally, she must have changed her mind.  She had 4 eggs, only 2 were fertile, with 1 DIS, so only 1 live baby, but both parents are doing a great job so far raising the little one.
turquoisine baby says: "I've fallen and I can't get up!"

turq baby just a few days old

scarlet chest baby - only child of this clutch from Red and Scarlet

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Mini Update

I'm a bit behind on taking pictures.  Unfortunately molting season is always hard.  Juveniles and adults alike are more likely to get ill during this stressful time, so I'm trying to spend extra time observing to catch anyone who feels not well as early as possible to give treatment a better chance of succeeding.  Societies are still breeding.  Still trying to get purple grenadiers and forbes to breed successfully.  All gouldians are resting now, but letting shaft tails have a go.  Scarlet chests are breeding but having very high infant mortality and DIS.  Not exactly sure what is going on as babies are dying with full crops.  DIS may have something to do with the recent thunderstorms causing night fright.  Rosie bourke's first clutch were all infertile - hoping for another clutch.  Yellow red bellied turquoisines may finally have a baby - out of their first clutch, 2 infertile, 1 DIS, and hopefully 1 live baby since it was in the process of hatch at last check.  Plans for the summer will be to cut down on egg food so everyone will be lean and fit for the fall breeding season; although may still rotate some societies to breed.