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Happy Bird Place

Happy Bird Place
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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

New baby and bird pictures

red legged honeycreeper pair
red legged honeycreeper male

spotted tanager

scarlet chested parakeet baby

gray white fronted blue male scarlet chested parakeet

lutino and pale fallow bourkes

baby normal gouldian finch

pastel and yellow baby gouldian finches

red brown society finch babies

star finches and cordon blue male

male strawberry finch

yellow faced star hen and male forbes parrot finch

male forbes parrot finch

melanistic red headed purple breasted normal male and red headed white breasted normal backed hen gouldian finches

gouldian babies from the above pair

orange headed yellow gouldian pair

black headed silver male and black headed yellow male gouldians - babies from last year

black and white mannikin

heavily pied red faced parrot finch

dominant pied blue canary male

Thursday, October 20, 2011

New babies of the season

I'm a little behind on pictures, but do have some new babies coming out of the nest.  A few gouldian pairs finally got in the mood and are raising broods.  The seagreen parrot finches have 3 new babies that needs close banding soon.  The scarlet chests have a few new babies in the nest as well.  The bourkes and turquosines have decided to molt instead.  Hopefully the forbes pair and purple grenadiers will have some fertile eggs soon.  The shaft tails seem enthusiastic, but eggs are not fertile.  Societies are raising babies too, but with some sporadic results so far.

Unfortunately, when the seasons change, there is a higher chance for birds to get sick and die.  I do have some tenants in the hospital cage and have lost a few birds sadly.  The higher mutations due tend to be more susceptible despite all the precautions.
I do have some new softbills, on the plus side.  A pair of spotted tanager and a pair of red legged honey creeper.  Pictures to come, but very enjoyable to have them.  For such small birds, they sure eat a lot of fruit.