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Sunday, January 16, 2011

New babies, fledglings, and some new turqs...

red headed yellow gouldian pair - male is lilac breast and hen is purple breast
red headed parrot finch on left, sea green RH parrot finch

newly fledged baby sea green RH parrot finches
I am happy to report I got a pair of red fronted yellow opaline turquoisines - still young, but hoping they will eventually breed for me.  All the grasskeets are molting or resting or just happily maturing.  Perhaps breeding season will restart in the spring, but they may decide to rest until fall again.

The gouldians and shaft tails have started to lay new clutches - fingers crossed better fertility this round.  Society babies have hatched, and parrot finches have fledged - very comforting to have some babies around.
pearl society babies
pied fawn society hen guarding her brood
notice she's fostering 2 owl finch babies for me - the 2 on the bottom
dilute fawn society with babies

babies from dilute fawn society pair - the mother has red eyes

Here is the male with the hen hiding behind him.
Here's the hen in the foreground - unfortunately a bit washed out by the flash.  Scarlet male in the back.
OMG, is the turq hen having a stroke?  Nope, just enjoying the heat lamp, LOL.


  1. Good luck with the turqs. I see that the opaline has taken away the red wing bar in the cock.

  2. thanks. i hope they will be a good pair.