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Happy Bird Place

Happy Bird Place
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Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Breeding season ending. Time to rest and molt.

black headed normal gouldian hen and dilute society finch

opaline turquoisine hen

pearl society and male star finch

star finch hen

dark eyed white male java

juvenile yellow gouldian

juvenile fawn society, juvenile silver java, juvenile scarlet chested parakeet male

marked white society

group of marked white societies

juvenile normal gouldian and chest frilled chocolate society finch

juvenile black grey and chocolate societies

star finch hen and high red opaline dilute turquoisine young male

normal star finch male and yellow gouldian

opaline (rosey) bourke

opaline/lutino male bourke breeder

black grey society finch (more euro style)

grey fawn chest frill society finch

chocolate and chest societies

pale fallow bourke young male

opaline bourke juvenile

young opaline bourke and societies

rubino (opaline ino) bourke male

red cheek cordon blue hen and blue cap cordon blue hen

silver diamond fire tail hen

yellow beak long tail finch

young male scarlet chested grasskeet

young opaline pale fallow bourke hen

young lutino male bourke