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Happy Bird Place

Happy Bird Place
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Friday, November 12, 2010

Updates on various species...

1 pair of shaft tails has babies.  I've removed the 2 pairs from the big flight cage as they kept tossing or won't sit well.  I believe all the activities from the other birds int he flight interferes with their breeding activity.  I will let them rest for a few weeks and will try them in breeding cages...once I have one empty up.

I guess I have a pair of red factor canaries after all.  I knew I had a male as he always sang, but wasn't sure about the other younger bird.  It also sang rarely, so I was thinking may be it was just a young male, but recently I saw the older male "molesting" the younger bird, and a cracked canary egg showed up at the bottom of the flight cage, off they go into a breeding cage.  The hen has now made herself a nest, and I see her sitting in the nest tonight.  Hopefully, we'll have more eggs soon.  

The cordon blues have managed to sit tightly then quickly toss all their babies.  I'll let them try one more time, then that'll be it.  I may try to let a new young group of societies foster their babies if they toss again.

Still having a somewhat slow start with the gouldians.  A couple more babies had to be fostered.  These are my first redline couple's babies, so didn't want to risk losing them after the parents looked somewhat reluctant to go back to the nest.  Will be letting the parents try again.  A couple more pairs are raising their own babies, which is good.  The societies have also been raising a few of their own babies.  Unfortunately, no creaminos yet.  I have paired up a few new pairs of gouldians.  Fingers crossed.

I'm still handfeeding some of the scarlet chest babies, which always seem to lead to slower development unfortunately.  At least the plucked feathers have started to grow back.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

New feathered friends...

I finally went to Bird Mart semi-locally and acquired some new friends.  Also, I traded the linnies for some very pretty bourkes.  I shall miss the linnies, so here's a tribute section for them.

As for the new friends...
From left to right: green backed twinspot hen, montane white eye, purple grenadier male, creamino society

green backed twinspot male and hen and a fawn society on top

2 creamino societies and a pair of montane white eye

New bourkes: pink hen, cream male, and bronze fallow hen...supposedly

cream male and bronze fallow hen

pink hen and cream male

blue rumped red opaline hen and white faced pink male

white faced pink male
close up of white faced pink male