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Happy Bird Place

Happy Bird Place
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Sunday, March 18, 2012


Some changes are occuring in my aviary.  Due to the enormous amount of time required for the upkeep of my birds, I've decided to downsize some to make caring for them more manageable.  I am decreasing in the number of species as well as the number of birds I will be keeping.  The lovely purple grenadiers and strawberries went to a friend who has been concentrating on trying to increase their domestic bred numbers.  Most of my owls went to another friend who is working with them.  I've also sold my cordon blues to someone interested in breeding them, though I may consider getting another pair as pets.  Now the task is to sort through the significant number of societies I've accumulated and bred over the past couple of years and letting a lot of them go.  Some gouldians and stars as well as some number of grasskeets will also have to be sold as well.  This way, I hope the bird keeping will become more enjoyable and less of a chore again.

That being said, I'm certainly not done with breeding :)

extra fat baby gouldian I had to handfeed - he is fully weaned and molting out to be a beautiful red headed normal male

nestful of baby gouldians - from left to right: normal, yellow, normal x 2, and dilute

another nestful of parent raised gouldian babies - from left to right: normal, blue on top, and 3 silvers