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Happy Bird Place

Happy Bird Place
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Thursday, August 18, 2011

High hopes for new breeders...

opaline turquoisine hen and creamino (par blue ino) scarlet hen

red fronted yellow opaline male turquoisine

aqua male turquoisine (may be single factor violet)

rosey bourkes

white face pink bourkes

pink and rosey bourkes

red front yellow turquoisine male

?opaline red bellied/front yellow turquoisine hen and rosey bourke hen

bunch of bourkes

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

New and old babies...

It has been ridiculously hot this summer in TX - >100 deg F for a month now without a bit of rain.  AC has to be kept on all day just to keep the temperature in the green house at a reasonable 87 deg in the lower cages and toasty 94 deg higher up.  Most of the birds are resting in this heat, but some do not seem to mind.
breeding pair with normal male scarlet and lutino hen

new babies of the normal x lutino pair

older fully weaned babies from Coral and Blush who are resting now

single red bellied yellow male turquoisine baby from earlier this year