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Happy Bird Place

Happy Bird Place
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Wednesday, July 13, 2016

The birds are enjoying their new life in WA state - lots of babies being raised...

full red opaline dilute turquoisine male

white fronted blue scarlet chested male

dilute turquoisine male
opaline bourke hen and opaline turquoisine hen

red headed white breasted green backed gouldian male

black headed white breasted green backed gouldian hen

orange breasted bunting male

chocolate grey society finch male

aqua scarlet chested male

red fronted opaline turquoisine hen

fawn society and black headed white breasted single factor yellow backed gouldian male

cinnamon lutino scarlet hen and gouldian male

orange headed white breasted green back gouldian male

lutino scarlet male

dilute gouldian juvenile male

normal juvenile gouldian - with nodules at mouth still present

juvenile gouldian using my hand as a heat perch :)
parisian frill canary hen

nest full of full red opaline dilute turquoisine chicks