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Happy Bird Place

Happy Bird Place
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Monday, July 26, 2010

Not much going on

Not much is going on except my on-going struggle to treat my yellow turquoisine hen.  She's been on another round of antibiotics for her sinusitis without much improvement.  I think my crop feeding helps her, but the symptoms of the sinusitis has not shown much change.  I am intending on trying a more holistic approach with her next.  Will try using some essential oils that have shown benefit in birds to see if we can clear up the sinusitis this way since traditional antibiotics has been a bust so far.

I did get a couple pairs of lineolated parakeets.  They are bit different than the finches and grasskeets I'm use to but very pretty and cute.  Will try to post pictures soon.

Monday, July 5, 2010

new birds

Just wanted to update on how the birds are doing and a few new birds to my collection.  To the right is a black headed purple breasted normal green back male gouldian from the past breeding season.  He has very nice and rich colorings.  A red faced parrot finch is in the background.
Above are some pictures of the society and zebra babies.  They are starting to get their adult colorings.  The society is chocolate euro self.  There is a gray and a CFW zebra baby.
A "cream" shaft tail hen - not a creamino, but also lack the grayish coloring of a fawn and isabelle mutation.  Planning on breeding some shaft tails this season.
Here's my silver gouldian baby of the past breeding season.  She is black headed and white breasted.  A purple grenadier hen is in the background.
Here's one of my new birds - a pink rosy bourke grasskeet.  This is the male of the pair I believe - he has a pale yellow green blue rump, but I think he's the male because he is the singer of the two.
Here's the pink rosy bourke hen.  She has a pink rump and doesn't nearly sing as much.
Here're the 2 of them together.
This is my new young yellow turquoisine hen.  She was born this year, so should be very young without her full colors yet.  She is suppose to have a red belly.
Here's one of my male scarlet chested grasskeets.  Note he has gotten a few red feathers on his belly as he is going through a molt.  I doubt he will be a full red fronted scarlet chest, but it's interesting to see him still getting more colors as he is getting to 3 years of age.